Canada Dry "The Root of Relaxation" Commercial

Custom refrigerator cut-out & pull rigging gag by Jet Effects.
Half step stairs built by Jet Sets.

Mars | RAV4 Hybrid | Toyota Commercial

Check out another fun Toyota Commercial we did feat. James Marsden.

Complete HAB Unit. Wood and CNC construction, custom welded elements, and on location assembly by Jet Sets.


2016 Billboard Music Awards

We recently had the pleasure of collaborating with the creative teams for Rhianna, Britney Spears & Fifth Harmony. We built 3 great sets for each of their performances at the 2016 Billboard Music Awards show.

Rhianna Stage Set- We worked closely with her creative team to choreograph and R&D a meltable plastic to melt to her song "Love on the Brain" to emulate her heartbreak and mirror her psychological state in the song.

Britney Spears Stage Set- We created 2 giant amplifiers for the "I Love Rock and Roll" sequence of the opening performance to augment elements from her artist-in-residence Vegas show.

Britney Spears Stage Set - We created an "acrylic forest" consisting of 4 platforms with 320 various length acrylic rods on mobile paltforms to augment her artist-in residence elements for her entrance into the opening of the show where she performed her hits medley feat songs like "Work Bitch,” “Womanizer,” “I Love Rock N’ Roll,” “Breathe On Me,” “I’m a Slave 4 U,” “Touch of My Hand,” and “Toxic.”

Fifth Harmony Stage Set- We created the scenic light box surrounds for the elevator platform the ladies entered from, as well as the keyboard and drum risers. Lightbox graphics on fabric by Art, Signs, and Graphics. Combined with the background video wall graphics to evoke a post apocalyptic feel.