LG G5 Commercial feat. Jason Statham

Jet Effects fabricated the flaming mozzarella ball machine in the restaurant. Machine made of sculpted and chrome dipped cast parts and mechanized to operate on motors.

Jet Sets created the restaurant consisting of wallpapered walls installed at location. 




Jet Sets Event Construction has just completed a much applauded 110,000 square foot, hugely successful project for Google!

This event took place in San Francisco, on Pier 48. The complexity, attention to detail, the enormous scope, size of the project and the ever evolving parameters required a company that the resources, talent, and expertise for such a mighty effort. This was an important event for Google for both splash and content, they had 2000 of their Google associates attending. 

The scenery was 18’ tall, double sided, clad in graphics. There were multiple doors, work spaces and lecture spaces. Most of the furniture was custom built as well as workstations, lounging areas and charging stations. 15 semis (53') were filled between the furniture, scenery and workstations! Jet Sets delivered the engineering that went through the various government agencies for approval and when the walk throughs happened there were only minor tweaks….. that is HUGE.

Jet Sets also engineered and built the architectural sculptural entrance that was the main point of egress for the whole event.

Coordination with at least a dozen other disciplines with a install supervisory crew, made the setup efficient. The ever critical logistics was handled by Jet Sets as well, timing about which truck carrying what item was important for a smooth and orderly move in.

The event was a tremendous success for Google. The environment that was constructed and delivered by Jet Sets was lauded on multiple media platforms so quite a success for us as well.

THANK YOU to all of you who made this such a success, something we all should be quite proud of!!

88th Academy Awards Show...

If you watched the 88th Academy Awards show live & were unable to fast forward through the commercials, then you may have caught a glimpse of what we did on Cadillac & Samsung...

The ‪#‎Cadillac‬ commercial "Don't You Dare" we had augmented the original location(s); loft windows, reclaimed lumber walls, upstairs bedroom set, & the TED Letters with built in LED’s.
Click here for Ad: https://youtu.be/pIfAf9y5yaI

Additionally, we constructed a beautiful broadcast spokesman set, and added location elements for ‪#‎Samsung‬'s Galaxy S7:

Click here for Ad: https://youtu.be/el9D3bjmx50

We also constructed the stage set for the SciTech Awards Show: 3 wall elements with laminate, and LED side lit acrylic Oscar logos. 

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